Anchor Point ABS-Lock X-SW

Stainless steel anchor point ABS-Lock X-SW (Ø 16 mm) with base plate (372 x 200 mm) is a fall protection solution developed for usage on top of a sandwich roof an trapezoidal sheeting (negative). To install this anchor, all you need is a minimum sandwich profile (steel) depth of 0.5 mm.
The anchor point is easily installed using the 4 specially prepared toggle bolts included in the package. The pre-drilled holes in the ABS-Lock X-SW base plate are set at different intervals - allowing it to be installed on a variety of profiles with different seam intervals. Distance between the bores: 280 to 333 mm.

Force directions: Lateral
Substructure: Sandwich
Attachment: Toggle bolts
Application: Profile roof, flat roofs

  • Markering: Volgens norm, CE
  • Norm: EN 795-A, CEN/TS/16415


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