Over 135 years

For more than 135 years, we have been the reliable partner for companies focusing on steel cable, safe lifting and hoisting, and working at height and in depth. This provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase our strong history, which originated in the year 1888. And since 2024, we have been navigating a new course. With a new management and organizational structure.

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In the magazine, colleagues and veterans talk about then and now. You will discover our history and services. Our new management introduces itself. You will also read where we now stand as Mennens Netherlands and what our future plans are.

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Nationwide and close by with international expertise 

As part of the 'Lifting Solutions business group' of the Swedish company Axel Johnson International, Mennens brings the power of international expertise to your doorstep. With 5 strategically placed branches in the Netherlands and 1 in Belgium, we are always ready to serve you with a local, personal approach. 

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New course, new leadership 

This year, Mennens has embarked on a new course, with a crucial change in structure from decentralized to centralized management. The leadership is now in the hands of a new management team. These changes promise exciting times for Mennens and its partners. Get to know them better in the interviews below, with both the old and the new director, and get a unique insight into the future plans of our organization.

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The articles below were created with the help of our dedicated (former) colleagues, suppliers and relations. We appreciate their passion, energy and unconditional commitment.

Strong as steel in steel wire rope

From advice, assembly and installation to examination and inspection 

Steel cables form the heart of cranes, bridges, locks and many other heavy installations. There is a huge variety of constructions and applications. Steel cables have one thing in common: they must last a long time and always be 100% safe. Safety first! Discover in the full article about our strong approach in the field of steel cables.


Steel wire rope assembly in practice

Mennens replaces steel wire ropes in weir

For several years, Mennens has played a central role in the renovation of the Nederrijn and Lek weir ensemble. Our team has taken on the crucial task of replacing the 1500 kg heavy steel wire ropes and conducting extensive quality tests according to the NEN 3560 standard.

Learn more about our renovation work and its impact on the project. Are you curious about the details of this large undertaking?

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"We make the difference with our steel wire rope advice"

Frits, Ayrton en Kevin

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Our Workshops 

Safe work with tools that meet standards 

Our commitment to quality and safety does not stop at sales or installation. Thanks to our fully equipped test & repair workshops at all our locations, we offer thorough inspections, checks and repairs of various lifting and hoisting tools, hydraulic tools and fall protection equipment. You can be sure that your equipment is always in safe hands at Mennens. Would you like to know more about our workshops? We are ready to help you further.

Powerful Tensile machine

For testing lifting materials 

Where safety and quality are central to our business philosophy, this extends from sales and installation to the ongoing care for your lifting and hoisting tools, hydraulic tools and fall protection equipment. Each Mennens location is equipped with its own tensile tester for inspections, checks and repairs. The tensile tester in our facility in Dongen even stands out by having the largest capacity within the Benelux, with an impressive 14,000 kN. This allows us to test even the strongest slings, anchors, hoists and steel cables, often under the supervision of an official inspection authority. You can count on your equipment at Mennens always being in safe and competent hands.

Would you like to know more about how our advanced testing and repair services can help you ensure optimal performance and safety?

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Powerfull stories

Sustainable businesses

Making the world and the workplace safer, more sustainable and more diverse. At Mennens, we are committed to this. We stand for an honest and inclusive organization, which takes its social responsibility and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


A strong piece of craftsmanship 

This is how we guarantee that

Safe lifting and hoisting. Responsible work at height and in depth. Thanks to high-quality solutions, advice, maintenance, inspection, and training. This requires a rock-solid foundation. That's why everyone at Mennens always works according to 4 core values.


Driven and knowledgeable


Innovative and reliable


Effective and solid


Nationwide and close by

"Advising customers and covering all their needs"

Tim en Roland

Safe work at height and in depth 

starts with honest advice, the right tools and thorough training

Whether it's building maintenance, the installation of solar panels, work on ships or in confined spaces, safety is always of the utmost importance when working at height. With Safe Site - Powered by Mennens, we ensure that your team can go up or down with complete peace of mind.

Would you like to know more about how we can ensure optimal safety for your team?

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“From nothing to one total solution"

Jaap en Dirk 


Safe work with unprecedented forces 

Handling high-pressure hydraulic tools comes with an unprecedented, yet manageable force. This equipment enables you to efficiently and safely move the heaviest objects, thanks to the high pressure of 700 bar. Understanding how to safely and effectively harness this power is crucial.

Curious about how this works? Read more in our article 'Safe work with unprecedented forces'.


No load too heavy for a Mennens crane 

With working loads from 250kg to more than 100 tons

Since the delivery of our very first overhead crane to Fuji in Tilburg in 1994, Mennens has grown into a specialist in crane construction. Thanks to our own crane construction workshop in Groningen, which has been operational since 2008, we have further expanded our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers better.

Curious about the impressive carrying capacity and reliability of our cranes? Discover it in our article 'No load too heavy for a Mennens crane'.

"Our cranes: advanced and up to 40 meters long"

Johan en Meindert

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Tarpaulin production

Custom tarps for every situation

Traditionally, Mennens focused on the trade in contractors' materials and ship articles. Sails were also part of this. We still continue this special tradition. Since the 80s from our tarpaulin production in Groningen.

Dolly Bakfiets delights customers with improved rain tent

Dolly Bakfiets develops and manufactures own-brand electric cargo bikes. The most popular accessory for the cargo bikes is the rain tent, and Dolly Bakfiets needed a reliable supplier. They chose Mennens.

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Mennens Tech Academy

Training your own professionals

Mennens recently opened its own Tech Academy - an internal training center with the aim of preparing qualified engineers and EKH inspectors for Mennens’ very specific and varied professional practice. Trainers André de Jong and Henk Drent explain the usefulness and necessity.

Are you curious about the importance of specialized training and the unique approach of our Tech Academy? Read more about the 'Mennens Tech Academy'.

"Every colleague should feel at home."


Working safely in Blijdorp Zoo

Hoisting and lifting equipment inspection and working at height training.

For over 50 years, Mennens has been visiting the most special places at Blijdorp Zoo. Like above the large water basin of the Oceanium, in the giraffe enclosure and at the technical department. Because when you work in, on or around animal enclosures, good preparation is essential and and a strict safety protocol. Are you curious about how we tackle such challenges?

Discover more in our fascinating article 'Safe work in Diergaarde Blijdorp'.


Mennens Cleanroom Cranes

Strong in super-clean cranes for more than 25 years

The Innovation District Strijp-T in Eindhoven - one of the business parks at Brainport Eindhoven - is home to Mennens Cleanroom Cranes. Here, a team of experts designs, builds and distributes ultra-hygienic cranes for clean production environments and cleanrooms for the food industry, pharmaceuticals and the production of IT components, such as chips. Operations Director Dave van Zandvliet has been involved from the start. A look back and forward.

Do you want to read more about the specific challenges of cleanroom cranes and how our team overcomes them? Dive deeper into this fascinating world in our article 'Mennens Cleanroom Cranes'.