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Improve your lifting operations with Mennens' durable and reliable thimbles! These essential lifting accessories ensure optimal safety and reliability during lifting operations. With our high-quality thimbles, you can lift heavy loads and perform your operations more efficiently.

Safety always comes first at Mennens. The thimbles are designed and tested according to the strictest safety standards, so you can hoist with full confidence without any concerns about the integrity of the hoisting equipment.

Our range of thimbles

At Mennens, we understand that no two lifting projects are the same. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of thimbles that are perfectly tailored to various industrial applications. From different diameters to various strength classes, we have the ideal thimble to meet your specific requirements.

Professional tailor-made advice

Our experts are ready to offer you personalised, tailor-made advice. With their extensive knowledge and experience in lifting technologies, they will guide you through the selection process so that you can confidently find the perfect thimble to suit your specific requirements.

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