Mennens embraces differences and values a diverse workforce. Because variation in ideas, backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures leads to a broader perspective and innovative insights. Read how we contribute to SDG goals 5: gender equality and 10: reduce inequality.

Our recruitment policy aims to attract a diverse group of employees. Our parent organization Axel Johnson International has formulated concrete goals for this. Think of a better gender balance, more employees with an international background and a good mix of colleagues in all age categories.


Social safety

Mennens stands for safety. This includes social safety for our colleagues. Everyone should feel at home in the organization, regardless of gender, age, or background. We are actively committed to this.

Colleagues from all directions

Diversity and inclusion are strategically woven throughout the organization. Mennens employs colleagues with nationalities from all corners of the world. From the Philippines to Libya. Is someone not yet (fully) proficient in the language? Then we can help, for example with language training. So that they can communicate with colleagues and feel connected to the organization. 

Inspiring women

At Mennens, 86.6% are men and 13.4% are women. The vast majority of women hold office positions. Through our Mennens Tech Academy and other initiatives, we want to change this and get women excited about and train themselves for technology. In this way, we are committed to a better balance between male and female colleagues.


We actively bring the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality to the attention of our employees. For example, we organize workshops on these themes. Here we discuss how to treat each other respectfully. And how we ensure together that everyone feels welcome and heard. So that everyone goes to work with a good feeling.

Onboarding and Code of Conduct

Through a comprehensive onboarding we ensure that everyone within Mennens is aware of our Code of Conduct. The emphasis here is on respect for each other, non-discrimination and preventing exploitation within our organization.



At Mennens, sustainability is an integral part of the strategy. We reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. We are continuously working on circularity. We contribute to SDG goal 13: climate action.

Community involvement

We care about our (local) environment. We see this as an opportunity to make a positive contribution to our world.

Safety and health

The safety and health of our employees and our customers is number one. We take ongoing measures to ensure this and have numerous ISO, EKH and VCA certificates.