Do you encounter various working situations at heights, such as platforms and machines? After this training, you will know how to do this as safely as possible. By means of realistic practice scenarios, you will learn how to make proper use of (fixed/cage) ladders, aerial work platforms, and various collective and personal fall protection equipment.

Target Group

Employees that:

  • work at heights on a regular basis
  • use different types of fallprotection equipment
  • during their work make use of hydraulic platforms and/or scissor lifts


  • Rules and regulation regarding working at heights
  • Awareness fall hazard and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Visual user inspection on different types of PPE
  • Safe use of different types of PPE
  • Safe use of ladders, caged ladders and hydraulic platforms

Training ratio

  • 40% theory / 60% practical


  • Theoretical test 15 questions multiple choice