From a loosened bolt in a tank to a failure in the mobile network where the antenna is only accessible with the use of a crane. In these situations, Rope Access techniques are the solution. It is a safe, efficient and fast way to carry out the repair work and offer a fast way to carry out the recovery work.



Waternet Amsterdam

At Waternet in Amsterdam, where Amsterdam sewage system is being purified, a mixer had come loose and ended up at the bottom of the tank. Our Rope Access employees descended into the tank and fished mixer out of the tank with a dredge hook.

repair work at height waternet amsterdam



A loosened bolt appeared to be the cause of damage to the inside of a tank. Our Rope Access team was tasked with fishing the bolt and immediately examining the damage.

repair work at height Campina



Kerk Barendrecht

At the Reformed Church in Barendrecht, a rafter was loose in the ridge of the roof. Although there was no great danger that the rafter would come loose, the church board did not want to take any chances and asked our Rope Access team to reattach the rafter.

repair work at height Kerk Barendrecht


Other Rope Access activities