Make the right choice

Move loads safely and efficiently, both vertically and horizontally. Get the most out of your installation assured business continuity. This requires the right (application of) steel wire rope. You can read all about it in this file.  

Steel wire rope is at the heart of many installations. With the right construction, application, implementation and installation, you ensure that employees can work safely. It can also extend the life span of the steel wire rope, prevent downtime of the machinery, increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Wide range

Steel wire rope has a wide variety of possible applications. How do you make the right choice? There is a lot involved. From diameter, lay method, construction and type of material to the application, installation and use. 

Discover the areas of concern 

Steel wire rope is a costly investment and a gray area for many. A complex product with countless factors to consider. How do you make sure the steel wire rope lasts? Ensure there are no surprises and be well informed. This dossier offers you valuable insights. Discover the most important areas of concern, read blogs by experts and benefit from practical examples. 


Read experiences from organizations.

Attention constructors: get informed in time

Are you a constructor involved in the assembly of a lifting crane, structure or installation? Make sure you are informed in time about the right choice of steel wire rope. At Mennens, we have years of knowledge and expertise.

Steel wire rope assortment

Steel wire ropes are one of the most important product categories at Mennens. Steel wire ropes are necessary parts for many of your installations. A lot depends on the applied steel wire's construction and quality, because it determines whether your installation will function right or not. Not all applications demand the same steel wire quality.