In our new Expertise Centre, which covers 900 m2 and is one of the largest fall protection centres in Europe, we offer training courses aimed at working safely at height and depth. In our showroom we can also demonstrate what options are available to make workplaces at height (and depth) safe.

On our safe and fully equipped practice roof you can explore almost all conventional collective and personal safety provisions. Various facilities aimed at working at height and depth are also installed within the Expertise Centre. The facilities we offer are in compliance with all laws and regulations regarding fall protection.

Our offer

We provide module training, industry training (for example GWO training) and customized training. The advantage of a customized training is that it is fully focused on the work that the employees of your company perform.
Our training courses, provided by IRATA, VCA and First Aid trained instructors, are divided into three levels:

  1. Level 0 is a general basic training on safety at height.
  2. Level 1 is a theoretical and practical basic training for climbing and working at height.
  3. Level 2 is a follow-up training at Level 0 and 1; after this training the student is able to carry out rescue exercises independently

During the annual training you can present your materials for inspection. You can register for fall protection training via

Basic trainings

Work at height Confined spaces GWO trainings

Repeat training

Work on heights Confined spaces GWO Trainings

Tailor-made training courses

For a customised training course which will be fully geared to the activities within your company and the (fall protection) means available, please contact us without obligation via the contact form below or via

Why is training necessary?

In accordance with the Working Conditions Act as an employer, you must comply with the duty of care by ensuring:

  • a safe workplace (article 3)
  • correct means for the work (article 3)
  • adequate training of staff (article 8)
  • a rescue plan (article 3)

Working with fall protection means working with an increased risk. With a training course you ensure that your employees are aware of laws and regulations concerning working at height and depth. In addition, your employees get to know the fall protection PPE they work with.

With the right resources and instruction alone, you are not there yet. A rescue plan is also mandatory. Calling on emergency services is often not enough. When working at height, your employees may be in places where emergency services cannot reach.  

What do your employees know after a training course?

  • basic knowledge of laws and regulations regarding working at height and depth
  • influences of external factors when working at height and depth (weather influences, environmental influences, etc.)
  • knowledge of the most common fall protection equipment (fall lines, positioning lines, fall arrest blocks, vertical and horizontal systems)
  • the possible consequences after a fall
  • working with and on ladders and aerial work platforms, specific techniques for warehouse, telecom and wind turbines

More information

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