EKH and Mennens take safety concerns out of your hands

If you have your lifting equipment inspected and tested regularly, you’re always one step ahead! After all, it shows that you do everything you can to guarantee your employees’ safety. Particularly if you work closely with an EKH (Licensed Inspection Firms for Hoisting and Lifting Equipment) recognised company such as Mennens, since EKH uses extensive working regulations and inspection schedules. These are based on the standards in the Machinery Directive, Dutch Working Conditions Act, NEN, DIN, etc. EKH also provides training for professional inspectors with personal certificates. In other words: you can rest assured that Mennens carries out all its work competently. Particularly because our trade association regularly carries out random checks on us.

Below and above the hook!

Objectivity is guaranteed at all times because EKH is tested by an independent testing institute. It also has an autonomous complaints and dispute settlement committee. Within the EKH, inspection firms are divided into the sections ‘below the hook’ (testing of lifting and hoisting equipment) and ‘above the hook’ (testing of cranes). For clarity: Mennens is a member of both sections! Matters such as fall protection, climbing equipment, and NEN 3140 testing also fall under the same service.

Want to find out more about EKH? Contact your nearest Mennens branch.