Everything about our cleanroom cranes

Every cleanroom crane we supply - yes, every crane! - is tailor-made. As market leader, we have built up considerable expertise. And when it comes to the application of a crane within a controlled environment, our reputation is absolutely excellent. Each crane is unique and can be supplied with a wide choice of specific options. The possibilities are numerous: a lifting capacity varying from 50 kg to 20  tons, from one to several cranes, electrically powered or manual driven cranes, ...

Our products improve the efficiency of your workflow. In this way the workplace becomes a more productive and safer environment. Combine that with a service contract and there is a 24/7 support immediately! Together with an international group of partners, projects are delivered ready for use with ease and we are therefore the supplier for cranes within cleanrooms worldwide.

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Superior quality

Our state-of-the-art cranes are non-polluting, do not leave particles behind, are accurate, quiet and fit seamlessly into a clean room environment. Moreover, all our cranes carry the necessary international labels to guarantee the highest possible quality all over the world. Think, for example, of the ISO 14644 standard. Even if specific certificates are required, we are the first to meet all conditions. At Mennens 'quality' is not an empty concept! As a result, our cleanroom cranes are extremely suitable for the semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical, aerospace and food industry.

Semiconductor industry

The current high-quality semiconductor market requires adequate lifting solutions for heavy components. Hygienic lifting equipment is an absolute must. This top-notch business sector has strict requirements and requires that we deliver specially designed equipment. With particular emphasis on accuracy and cleanliness. A continuous quality program is required to meet the ever-changing application requirements.

We work with Semicon pioneers around the world to keep pace with the demanding innovation curve. The current customer portfolio includes: IBM, GlobalFoundries, ASML, Canon, CNSE, Intel, Samsung, Toshiba, TSMC, Cymer, University of Albany.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, small particles can adversely affect the production process. Our cranes and lifting tools work perfectly within these environments. No contamination, optimum accuracy, quiet and all made from A-class components. Thanks to a wide range of products, we can offer just about any lifting solution in this sector. From design to construction to delivery and installation.

Food industry

In the food industry, controlled environments are very important for the production process. This considerably extends the shelf life of processed foods or fresh products. Stricter quality control also leads to stricter environmental requirements. For these environments we offer various, customized, lifting solutions.

Space travel

When manufacturing precision components for electronic or aerospace equipment, a cleanroom crane can be a welcome tool. We are convinced that we can meet all technical and operational requirements of our customers.

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