Custom tarps for every situation

Traditionally, Mennens devoted itself to the trade in contractor materials and marine supplies. This included sails. We are still continuing this special tradition – from our tarpaulin production workplace in Groningen since the 80s.

Around 1980, Mennens Groningen moved from the Beckerweg to its current location on the Duinkerkenstraat. There was already a tarpaulin production workshop there at the time, which manufactured marquees. At the time at Mennens, we mainly made and repaired trailer sheeting, both for sale and rental.

Top quality sails

Nowadays, we offer top quality sails. With a prominent presence in the maritime, offshore, industrial and agricultural sectors, we have decades of expertise to address our customers' unique requirements. Think tarps for protecting cargo during transport or covering construction projects, manufacturing machinery covers for agriculture or a complete tent solution.


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Expert advice

With over 40 years of experience in tarpaulin production, we offer expert advice on material, design, application and use. Whether it’s tarpaulins, tents, covers or nets: we can do anything. We are also happy to handle the assembly and repair of sails, covers and carpets. We have tarpaulin applications in every conceivable shape, size and colour. And we can provide them with an advertising message, company logos and photos.

Dolly Bakfiets delights customers with improved rain tent

Dolly Bakfiets develops and manufactures own-brand electric cargo bikes. The most popular accessory for the cargo bikes is the rain tent, and Dolly Bakfiets needed a reliable supplier. They chose Mennens.

Daan Buddingh, co-owner at Dolly Bakfiets: "The Rain Tent is a combination of a load-bearing structure of sail slats, combined with window film, mesh fabric and a tarpaulin, which is mounted on the cargo bin."

The challenge was to make the interior space larger. Daan: "The tireless efforts of the model-makers at Mennens have created a new rain tent, which is really attractive and very user-friendly. I am very satisfied with the final result." Read the entire case story (only in Dutch).

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Every detail counts

From cutting the material to sewing and finishing, sail production requires extreme precision. Every detail counts. Our craftsmen deliver this and so we can guarantee top quality sails.