The purpose of our Safety Scan in your organization is to map out existing risks in terms of working at height, estimate the associated measures, work equipment and PPE, and possible measures. When you take measures to eliminate or minimize the risks, you demonstrate a systematic and preventive attention to working conditions in your organization, and attention to the well-being of your employees.

We will systematically map out the bottlenecks with an estimate of the risk level. The report also provides advice to improve the situation. This report can be used to wrote an action plan. In this plan the employer indicates in which area he will take measures, which priorities will be set, who is responsible for the export, and within what period measures must be implemented. An action plan also provides the opportunity to check retrospectively to what extent the targeted goals have been reached.


More information about custom Risk Assessment & Evaluation

Ben je benieuwd welke kansen er in jouw organisatie zijn om veilig(er) te werken op hoogte of in diepte? Wij inventariseren hierbij alle aandachtspunten op basis van de geldende wet- en regelgeving en stellen aan de hand hiervan een adviesrapport op.