The future of rope inspection
Rope Watcher™


Rope watcher allows you to take control of your rope inspection in real-time and reduce production downtime while confidentially fulfilling the rope inspection criteria.

Increased safety

The MRT inspects steel wire ropes in an efficient and secure way. This makes your production safer and reduces the risk of accidents and production downtime.

Reduce downtime

Our product gives your company an easy way to plan production stops for the maintenance of the rope which reduces production downtime.

Managing the ropes life cycle

Anticipate and plan the rope change more sustainably instead of discarding the ropes planned on guesses and on how long time it’s been in production.

24/7 inspection

The MRT is testing your rope 24/7 and gives you a notification alarm as soon there is any damage or excessive wear of the ropes.

Remote Inspections & Alert Mode

Rope Watcher works as a permanent-connected MRT system, allowing on-demand acquisitions, tracks saving and remote file transfer. This way, without leaving the office, it is possible to perform a deep analysis of the rope, acquire diagrams, download them on the PC and build actual reports.

If the condition required further analyses (yellow or red area), it will be necessary to perform a deeper inspection, in order to verify the actual conditions of the rope. This alert functioning requires a calibration procedure so that the system can interpret data correctly, which can be done remotely.



Rope Watcher customer case

"Following an unexpected breakage in the rope, we started working with Rope Watcher. Now we have worked with it for 4 years and it has helped us develop predictive graphs which show the life cycle of the rope and its ideal replacement time. We recommend this product to every company which works with suspended loads."

- Arnaldo Morino. IVECO in Suzara, Italy

Overhead cranes 
Lifting Know How

The daily use of your wire rope on your crane leads to the wear and tear. Wire ropes have a finite life much shorter than the expected life of the crane. Improperly installed, poorly lubricated, worn and damaged hoisting ropes routinely fail, causing the potential for a catastrophic accident. In fact, a hoisting rope that was in perfect condition the day before can be ruined by a single damaging lift and therefore a visual inspection is not always enough since it's just a snapshot of the rope's condition.

Knowing when it's time to replace the steel wire rope in an overhead crane can be difficult and without the knowledge of the ropes lifecycle, it can lead to unexpected stops in production. The Rope Watcher prevents this by giving you a real-time inspection and understanding of the wire rope's condition. This will not only increase safety but also give you and fast ROI by reducing production downtime.