Mennens policy, focused on quality, safety, the environment, sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Quality policy

The quality policy of Mennens is aimed at ensuring that the activities mentioned on the website (see are carried out in an effective and economic manner. The starting point is that the requirements agreed with the customer and its expectations can be met at any time.

The quality policy is aimed at providing a good service and service to the customer, fulfilling agreements and being a solid and reliable partner.

The most fundamental objective of Mennens is to guarantee continuity.

In order to ensure that the process up to and including the delivery of the product and / or service runs according to a structured system, while also guaranteeing the professional competence and safety of our own and temporary employees and environment, Mennens has set itself the target to work in accordance with the NEN-EN-ISO 9001 and VCA ** standard.

The Quality, Health and Safety conditions and Environment system (QHSE)) is set up to ensure that:

  • The working method within Mennens has been clearly established and recorded;
  • New and temporary employees quickly have insight into the way they work;
  • Improvements can be initiated;
  • Realized improvements can be guaranteed;
  • Processes are controlled at the source: optimization of the process from preparation up to and including delivery and / or possible warranty work;
  • The deviation or failure costs are minimized;
  • The requirements of the customer are always met;
  • Work is constantly being done to achieve a customer-oriented approach and effective complaint handling;
  • We work with a selective group of suppliers, subcontractors and possibly hired employees.
  • We strive for continuous improvement.

Above all, everything is aimed at complying with laws and regulations. This may concern general laws and regulations, for example keeping the RI&E up to date, financial reports, but also order specific regulations. The (company) management is responsible for ensuring that the aforementioned is properly announced, implemented and maintained.

Quality, safety and environmental care is the responsibility of the management, managers and (engaged) employees and is managed within Mennens under the responsibility of the (company) management, in consultation with the QHSE managers. Both management and employees are involved in the implementation and enforcement of the QHSE system.

As Mennens, we must stand for quality “in the broadest sense of the word”, i.e. organizational, process-technical and procedural, with regard to the customer, suppliers, internal organization, etc. Various procedures, guidelines, etc. have been drawn up for this and are available, among others linked to the QHSE system. Both internally and externally, the following is important: "do what you say, say what you do and show what you have done".