Starts with honest advice, the right tools and thorough training

Every day, numerous professionals seek the heights, or go into the depths. For example, to maintain buildings or windmills, to install solar panels, to work on ships or in confined spaces. Naturally, this has to be done safely. Safe Site - Powered by Mennens – helps to make this possible.

From warehouse racks to roofs and windmills to telecom masts, almost everyone has to deal with working at height. Falling is one of the most common causes of accidents at work. In a workplace where there is risk of falling from height, safety measures must be taken. This is always required at a height of 2,5 meters or higher, but measures must also be taken below 2,5 meters if there is a risk of falling.

You can contact us for all aspects related to working at height and depth, such as a training for your employees specially tailored to your situation. Of course, you can also contact us for advice, sales or inspection of your fall protection equipment and systems, or hire our experienced Rope Access employees for a wide variety of work at height.

New Expertise Center

Our new Expertise Centre, which covers 900 m2, one of the largest fall protection centres in Europe, hosts training aimed at working safely at height and depth. Additionally, our showroom displays the available options to workplaces at height (and depth) safe. 

On our safe and fully equipped practice roof you can explore almost all conventional collective and personal safety provisions. Various facilities aimed at working at height and depth are also installed within the Expertise Centre. The facilities we offer are in compliance with all laws and regulations regarding fall protection.

Our visiting address is Heliniumweg 8a, 3133 AX Vlaardingen.

Sales, installation and inspection

At all Mennens locations, we also take care of our customers for product sales, installation and inspection. 

Appropriate fall protection and training for RECO 

Employees at equipment rental company RECO work a lot at height. They turned to Safe Site - Powered by Mennens - for new, more comfortable equipment and training in working safely at height.

Bryan Hugenholtz, safety expert at RECO: "They advised us to purchase another brand of personal protective equipment (PPE). It was light, comfortable and just as reliable. We also looked together at the best training for our daily practice."

It turned into a customized training. For this, Safe Site - Powered by Mennens placed a RECO scaffolding and lifting construction on the outside area of their Expertise Center to simulate practical scenarios. Safe Site - Powered by Mennens, also organized a fitting session for the new PPE. 

Read the entire RECO case story (only in Dutch).

Rope Access

Sometimes work is needed in hard-to-reach places where collective facilities cannot and/or should not be placed. In that case, our Rope Access specialists step in. Using climbing and abseiling techniques, they can reach anywhere. These specialists are IRATA-trained and have, among other things, a VCA and First Aid certificate, have completed gas measurement training and can work with self-contained air. They also have extensive experience with evacuation and rescue techniques.

Our Rope Access team provides services such as non-destructive testing, glass washing, cleaning of steel constructions, standby rescue, manhole guard, welding, rigging and lifting, inspections, installation of cables, installation of lighting or antennas.


If you are going to work at heights or in depths with personal fall protection equipment, training is mandatory. This is because personal fall protection is a category 3 PPE, which means that improper use can lead to permanent injury or worse. Users have to know very well how to use this equipment properly and safely in different work situations. For this purpose Safe Site - Powered by Mennens offers various modules, courses and sector and custom trainings at its Expertise Center. For example, participants learn to work safely on flat and sloping roofs, rescue at heights and working on wind turbines (GWO1 training). Our trainers are trained in IRATA2 -, VCA3 - and first aid.

In addition to training at our Expertise Center in the Rotterdam region, we also provide training at our Groningen location and at customers' sites.

Fall protection: collective and personal

If you work at height or in depth, preventing fall hazards is mandatory. Mennens advises organizations accordingly and offers everything for standardized collective fall protection facilities and personal fall protection (PPE, or personal protection equipment). Our consultants have a wealth of experience and know how things happen in practice. And they are fully aware of all the laws and regulations.

Collective fall protection involves such things as railings, cage ladders, (mobile) scaffolding and safety nets. These are facilities that are easy for anyone to use without training. Personal fall protection includes permanent anchor devices, harnesses, fall arrest blocks, safety lines, anchor points and rescue equipment. Training is mandatory for these.