From warehouse racks to roofs and windmills to telecom masts, almost everyone has to deal with working at height. Falling is one of the most common causes of accidents at work. In a workplace where there is risk of falling from height, safety measures must be taken. This is always required at a height of 2,5 meters or higher, but measures must also be taken below 2,5 meters if there is a risk of falling.

You can contact us for all aspects related to working at height and depth, such as a training for your employees specially tailored to your situation. Of course, you can also contact us for advice, sales or inspection of your fall protection equipment and systems, or hire our experienced Rope Access employees for a wide variety of work at height.

New Expertise Center

Our new Expertise Centre, which covers 900 m2, one of the largest fall protection centres in Europe, hosts training aimed at working safely at height and depth. Additionally, our showroom displays the available options to workplaces at height (and depth) safe. 

On our safe and fully equipped practice roof you can explore almost all conventional collective and personal safety provisions. Various facilities aimed at working at height and depth are also installed within the Expertise Centre. The facilities we offer are in compliance with all laws and regulations regarding fall protection.

Our visiting address is Heliniumweg 8a, 3133 AX Vlaardingen.