In 1994, Mennens started building and selling overhead cranes, with the first crane delivered to Fuji in Tilburg in October 1994. Since then, sales have grown each year. In 2008, the company built its own workshop in Groningen for crane construction for the whole of Mennens.

Over the years, Mennens has specialized in the assembly, supply and installation of more and more types of cranes, with working loads ranging from 250 kg to more than 100 tons and spans of as much as 40 meters. The market demand is great. Because the right crane speeds up processes, increases efficiency, provides more working comfort and lets you use available space efficiently.

The right crane speeds up processes

A crane for every lifting need

Today, Mennens offers an extensive range of quality lifting cranes. Besides overhead cranes, they include mobile cranes, jib cranes, monorails and gantry cranes. At Mennens, we offer a suitable crane for every lifting need, fully customized if required. We provide the cranes with hoists and switches. Bends are also possible. And we supply the necessary accessories.

Measurement, transport and coordination 

Delivering and installing a crane includes all sorts of things that need to be considered. Measuring the crane is precision work. Transportation is a complex operation. Installing the crane requires meticulous coordination. At Mennens, we know the challenges and take everything off our customers' hands.

Our crane inspectors are EKH-certified

Crane inspection: safety first

Safety always comes first when working with cranes. As with lifting and hoisting equipment, inspection is mandatory at least once a year. Our inspectors are certified by the industry association ‘Erkende Keurbedrijven Hijs- en Hefmiddelen’ (EKH).

During the inspection, we check whether the crane meets current safety requirements and whether there is a safety risk for the upcoming period of use. In case of any defects, we take care of the repair. Sometimes complete replacement is necessary. Then we advise on the most suitable alternative and the right approach.

Overhead cranes for Boskalis

For a new building of dredging and maritime service provider Boskalis in Vlaardingen, Mennens supplied three custom-made overhead cranes with a working load of 3.2, 5 and 10 tons respectively. Mennens handled the layout, assembly, transport via a transporter and assembly at height.

Find out in the video how this project went from application to assembly.

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