Safe working starts with safe access to the workplace. In order to be able to access a higher location, we offer three possible applications:

  • Portable ladders
  • Cage ladders
  • Façade ladders

We supply ladders made of aluminium because of the low weight and the flexibility to be able to deliver custom work relatively easily. We also supply ladders in steel, stainless steel and plastic upon request. The fixed ladders comply with the NEN-EN-ISO 14122-4 standard. The portable ladders comply with the NEN 2484 and EN 131 standards. We produce custom-made cage ladders and fixed façade ladders so that they fit exactly. We supply portable ladders from a standard range.

For all ladders, various accessories are available. For example, you can order access guard or walk-in fencing for cage ladders. Ladder points or suspension brackets with a lock, for example, are available for portable ladders.

Due to the wide variety of support brackets and plates, the cage ladders and façade ladders can be mounted on almost any surface (of sufficient strength), whether it is steel construction, concrete or brick.


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