Long-term safe lifting and hoisting

Safe lifting and hoisting with steel wire ropes that last. It starts with the careful assembly of the steel wire rope. Our experienced and certified mechanics will happily take this process off your hands. Discover what we can do for you. 

Are you having your steel wire ropes reeved by Mennens? Then safety comes first. Our mechanics know the current laws and regulations and offer advice. They safely assemble the steel wire ropes in your installations, which benefits the life span of the wire ropes and contributes to the lowest possible total cost of ownership. 

We advise you on correct use and maintenance, so the steel wire ropes contribute to the continuity of your (business) process or operation. Plus: we take care of everything related to the assembly and disassembly: from preparation to planning and logistics.


The benefits of assembly by Mennens: 

  • Advice on the right steel wire rope for your application 
  • Assembly by VCA-certified and skilled mechanics
  • (Dis)assembly of old and new steel wire ropes
  • Complete care of the logistical operation
  • If desired, we also keep your steel wire ropes in stock
  • In addition to completing the Crane Book, we also provide necessary certificates


What does the assembly entail?  

Would you like Mennens to perform the (dis)assembly? Then we are happy to visit you in advance to map out the situation and see what is needed to replace the steel wire ropes. We make a plan and take care of everything. On the day itself, a professional team of VCA-qualified mechanics will visit you to reeve the old steel wire ropes and install the new ones. 

More information

Do you also have steel wire ropes installed or would you like more information first?

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