The costs of building a scaffolding or hiring a crane often do not outweigh the costs of carrying out the inspection itself. In some cases, it is not even possible to erect scaffolding. When a building, construction or installation needs to be inspected, it is in these cases the solution to carry out the inspection is via Rope Access.


Attractiepark Walibi

Rope acces - inspectiewerk Walibi

Goliath is a steel roller coaster located at the Walibi Holland theme park in Biddinghuizen. With a height of 46.8 meters, it is difficult for the technical service to check the entire roller coaster using an aerial work platform. Our Rope Access employees checked the hard-to-reach parts of Goliath for welds and deformations.


De Hef Rotterdam

Rope access - Inspectiewerk - Hefbrug Rotterdam

The Koningshavenbrug in Rotterdam, also known as De Hef, connected the north of the city with the south for decades. The old railway bridge has become a monument and an icon in the Rotterdam skyline since the Willemspoort tunnel has been in use.  Rotterdam’s Department of Public Works asked us to check the condition of the bridge. For three weeks, Rope Access employees hung in the ropes and checked the bridge's pylons for rust and deformation.


Twence Hengelo

inspection-workplace-twence hengelo

The waste processing plant in Hengelo has been using our Rope Access employees for years. For example, the entire chimney was inspected both inside and outside, assistance was provided in various areas during new construction and pipes were painted using rope techniques.


Other Rope Access activities