Installing or disassembling antennas in a mast or fixing interference can often be done faster and cheaper by Rope Access. Within the telecom industry there are various activities that can be performed using Rope Access techniques. At 'Line of Sight', our Rope Access employees climb into masts and check whether there is a free connection between the antennas.


Line of Sight Ericsson

For Ericsson, Rope Access techniques are used to control free beam connections between antennas. In the past, aerial platforms and cranes were used. Our Rope Access team climb into both masts to see if there is a free connection between the antennas.


Nokia Siemens

A failure in the mobile network must be resolved quickly. Some sites are so difficult to reach that only a crane can be used to reach the antenna. Fortunately, Rope Access offers a fast and cheap alternative. No streets need to be cordoned off and there is no need to wait for a crane to be erected. Our Rope Access employees can operate easily and safely and resolve the malfunction.


Other Rope Access activities