Many companies used to have their own tool-making shop for lifting equipment or called on a general construction company. Mennens is happy to take over this role!With the arrival of the Machinery Directive, it is no longer sufficient to simply produce an item. A whole construction file has to be compiled, with corresponding certificate and handbook. The manufacturer is responsible for this.

Lifting beams and spreaders are usually custom-made, calculated and constructed according to the customers’ specific wishes. However, Mennens also has an extensive range of standard lifting beams and spreaders in various forms, with clamps and hooks. For modular spreaders, there are products of Modulift and OX. Of course, every lifting beam has a CE label, markings and a manual. Because safety is always the highest priority.


Special lifting tools? You’ve come to the right place at Mennens!

Special lifting tools are complete systems with magnets and vacuum equipment, but also specific tools that customers often design themselves. We recalculate their designs (and adjust them where necessary) so we can supply them with an appropriate CE certificate.

We offer a suitable solution for every situation because we handle a lot of creations ourselves.

On the Mennens website, you can find an initial selection of our lifting beams and accessories. Remember that the majority of our spreaders, lifting beams, frames, frameworks, etc. are custom-made.
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Examples of lifting beams and accessories 

Special lifting beam for a metalworking company. Mennens supplied a lifting beam for quick and safe loading and unloading of stacks of metal sheeting (max. 8 tonnes).

For many years, Mennens has been an official distributor of Vacu Stone Lift, the worldwide specialist in the development and manufacture of vacuum lifters.

Lifting beam for train wheelsets. Unique lifting beam, specifically made to the size of the wheels so that the axles are not damaged.