Preventive maintenance and repairs

It all starts with the knowledge and experience of our employees. Every one of them has undergone comprehensive training and has accurate product knowledge. They are specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the various brands. But it doesn’t stop there. They also receive ongoing training, keeping them up-to-date with every innovation in the field of lifting equipment. At Mennens we know that preventive maintenance must be simple: more personal, more efficient, and more sustainable. The main objective? Problem-free, safe operation and a close long-term cooperation.

Mennens repairs lifting equipment of almost all brands at our own workshop or the customer’s location. If necessary, we arrange for the manufacturer to repair your equipment. In any case, a full inspection and extensive tests are carried out after each repair.

If you take out a maintenance contract with Mennens, you will have an additional advantage, as you will immediately enjoy priority treatment. Definitely recommended for maintenance and repair of overhead cranes (travelling cranes), jib cranes and electric hoists or winches.

High-quality customised lifting and hoisting applications

To support this view, Mennens has a large workshop and storage space. This is where we assemble high-quality lifting equipment, such as high-grade custom-made steel cables with various finishes or chain setups. We also test, repair, and maintain all kinds of lifting equipment here. In this way, we have all the time and space needed to conceive and develop the best lifting and hoisting applications for you. Sustainable solutions that make this work easier, better and stand out from the rest...for a long time to come!

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Mennens – Premium Service Centre for Holmatro

Would you like to work more safely and efficiently with high-quality, innovative, and reliable products? This is also Holmatro‘s philosophy. Thanks to a close collaboration with Mennens, we can take away some of your worries. In concrete terms this means that, in addition to products, we also offer plenty of knowledge, services, and advice.

The Mennens branches in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam and Dongen went through an intensive Holmatro training period.

In addition, the service workshops have been equipped with professional, specialised test units. The Mennens branches in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam and Dongen are Holmatro certified premium service centres, where we can optimally test and (re)certify your hydraulic equipment in according with the applicable standards. We also carry out expert maintenance and repair work on hydraulic cylinders, pumps, hoses, valves, and lifting equipment.

Have you heard about the Holmatro Inspection Procedure (HIP)?

The dynamic testing method is a unique feature of this procedure. In other words, testing of cylinders over the entire stroke length, plus simulation of the equipment’s operation scenarios. In this way, we can detect hidden defects faster, eliminating unnecessary downtime and dangerous situations in the workplace.

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Mennens – Premium Service Center voor Holmatro

Veiliger en efficiënter werken met kwalitatieve, innovatieve en betrouwbare producten? Een filosofie die ook Holmatro uitdraagt! Door de nauwe samenwerking met Mennens kunnen we je samen nog beter ontzorgen. Concreet betekent dit dat we naast kwalitatieve producten ook een pak kennis, diensten en advies aanbieden. Zo ondergingen de Mennens-vestigingen in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam en Dongen een intensieve Holmatro-trainingsperiode.

Onze service werkplaatsen zijn uitgebreid met professionele, gespecialiseerde testunits. De Mennens-vestigingen
in Groningen, Rotterdam en België zijn door Holmatro gecertificeerde premium service centers waarin we je
hydraulische apparatuur optimaal kunnen testen en (her)certificeren volgens de geldende normen. Daarnaast voeren
we ook deskundige onderhouds- en reparatiewerkzaamheden uit op hydraulische cilinders, pompen, slangen,
kleppen en hefgereedschap.

Holmatro Inspectie Procedure (HIP)

Bijzonder aan deze procedure is de dynamische manier van testen. Of anders verwoord: het testen van cilinders over de volledige slaglengte, plus simulatie van  de gebruikssituatie van het gereedschap. Hierdoor sporen we verborgen gebreken sneller op, wat onnodige uitval en gevaarlijke situaties op de werkvloer uitsluit.

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