Cleaning work on the inside of tanks, on roof structures and on hanging objects in high spaces. There are many situations where the use of an arial platform or the construction of scaffolding is not possible. With the help of various climbing and abseiling techniques, our Rope Access employees can reach almost anywhere.




An art gallery is located under one of the glass roof structure of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). The floor in this gallery is uneven, which makes scaffolding difficult to build. Our Rope Access team is tasked with cleaning the roof construction.

cleaning work in high spaces LUMC


Clifford Chance

This renowned law firm is located in a beautiful office in the heart of Amsterdam. For years, the courtyard has been covered by a glass roof construction to which large lamps have been attached. Because the library is located on the ground floor, an aerial work platform cannot be used. Rope Access turned out to be a good alternative for the aerial work platform and so the lamps were cleaned and fixtures were replaced.

cleaning work in high spaces - Clifford Chance


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