Inspection & testing of steel wire rope and slings

Extend the life of your Steel Wire Rope, increase your efficiency.

Inspecting steel cables is a legal obligation under the Machinery Directives. In addition to the daily "before use" check, an inspection is mandatory at least once a year. Mennens is happy to take this worry off your hands. Our inspectors are VCA and EKH certified, inspect according to ISO 4309 and/or NEN 3233 and receive continuous training.

Mennens is recognized by the Association of Recognized Inspection Companies for Lifting and Lifting Equipment (EKH). The EKH: draws up:

  • trict work regulations and inspection schedules, based on, among other things, NEN-EN, ISO, and the Machinery Directive.
  • provides training and certifies inspectors.
  • have itself certified by an independent testing institute.


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