PLV lever hoist

Manual Lever Hoist for loads from 250 up to 3,000 kg.
Standard lifting height 1.5 mtr (other lengths possible)
The PLV manual lever hoist is a compact unit for lifting, pulling and sliding. Especially suitable for industrial use. Easy to handle, this convenient unit is ready for all sorts of jobs anywhere at the production or building. Great for tight spots where headroom is limited.

Technical characteristics:
- Four good-looking, robust, compact lightweight, easy handling models.
- PLV can be used in any position ; simply switch the lever to make the PLV easier to handle.
- Made with special steels, PLV lever hoists are very compact.
- The lever hoist – a new concept combining good looks with reliability.
- Chrome-plated steel hoist and lever.
- Reinforced casing effectively protects mechanisms.
- Lever rotates 360°.
- Rubber grip.
- Weston-type load brake with four braking surfaces.
- Braking mechanism fully protected against dust and splashing.
- Extra-safe, lightweight and low-maintenance.
- Chain can be declutched when winch is not loaded.
- High-strength grade 80 steel alloy load chain. Galvanized for corrosion resistance.
- Load chain complies with EN 818, safety factor 4.
- Made in Europe.
- Delivered with CE certificate, and hook and chain certificate.
- Treated steel alloy upper and lower ISO turning hooks with safety latches and inspection points.


  • Marking: CE-marked


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