VR Electrical Chain Hoist DIGICHAIN

Electric chain hoist with hand positionner on hooks for loads of up to 500 kg. A workstation meeting fully the demanding requirements of today’s users. With DIGICHAIN and positionner on hook your loads ranging from 63 to 500 kg can be effortlessly positioned with spot-on accuracy. The orientation of the hoisting hook and handling grip can be suitably adapted by means of the adjustment screw. 100% safety The DIGICHAIN handling system enables you to lift your loads up to a height of 5 meter.

Technical characteristics:
- Load capacity : 63 to 500 kg.
- Maximum hoisting height : 5 meters.
- Upper and Lower limit switches.
- Dismountable hoisting hook.
- 48 volts Low voltage control system.
- Weight : 3.2 kg.
- Storage temperature : -40°C to +60°C.
- Service temperature : -20°C to +40°C.
- Relative humidity : 90%.
- Maximum side pull operability : 3 degrees.


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