Eurobloc VT Electrical Cable Hoist

Electric wire rope hoist for loads from 800 up to 80 000 kg.

The EUROBLOC VT electric wire rope hoist is, as of now, the only hoisting unit with wire rope and a hook that offers, in its standard version:
- Hook approach, “C” dimensions and the “F” approach distance of the hoist are the smallest available on the market (fig. 2).
- The pulley block presents only a slight lateral shift during hoisting motion (virtually vertical lifting) (fig. 1).
- The possibility to adjust speed while travelling (fig. 3).

Hoistingmotor and brake :
Designed specifically for lifting, the 2-speed hoisting motor comes with all the necessary protections:
- Type IP 55 protection and F insulation class.
- Bimetal sensor.
- Cooling fins enlarged significantly to encourage heat dissipation.


The compact travel motor, which is especially designed for travelling in lifting equipment, is equipped with a variable speed system that is a standard equipment.
Maximum speed range is 2 to 32 m/min. IP 55 protection. The motor is designed to ease any necessary maintenance:
- “Intelligent” easy system for motor positioning and assembly onto the trolley.
- The motor receives power from a single plug that can be unbound easily.

Hoisting drum:
There is a special patent for drum assembly and drum rotation without ball bearings.
Advantage: this prevents grease and steel particles from falling into the motor

Gear limit switches:
The limit switch with 4 cams can be accessed on the gear unit and is used for managing the upper and lower limit switches of the hook, switching from low to high speed, and for managing phase reversals.

Rope guide:
New rope guided system “very high performance” for difficult environments

Power supply: 380V/400V/415V/50Hz - 440V/460V/60Hz

Optional: Several options available.
- Radio remote control.
- Explosion proof and / or spark proof version.
- Non standard rail width.
- Special rail gauge.
- Higher travelling speed.
- Additional brake.
- Lifting variable speed.
- Crash protection with electronic cell.
Please contact us for more available options!


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