The MRC Multi-rail grabs have been designed to facilitate the fast bulk handling of ALL rail sections. The features and applications of the MRC Multi-rail grabs are similar to that of the MR Multi-rail clamps but with the added benefit of having interchangeable, modular designed combsections. Various combs sections to suit specific rails can be combined with the same scissor mechanism. Alternative combsections are to be purchased separately. Please contact our salesteam for further details.
An additional feature of the MRC is that it can be fitted with an automatic open / close device that automatically engages the railsections when the clamp is lifted from the rest position on top of the rails.

Product Picture 1
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WLL Type Number of rails Weight
5 000 MRC4 5 200
5 000 MRC5 5 230
6 000 MRC6 6 265
7 000 MRC7 7 295
8 000 MRC8 8 330

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