General: For vertical lifting and moving of various materials as steel, wood, plastic, concrete, marble etc. which have parallel sides. The clamp is locked in the open position. To perform lifting, the operator must activate the handle and hold it up while the force on the lifting eye is going upwards. When laying down the load, the clamp automatically unlocks itself to open.
The pads are covered with special plastic to avoid damage of contact surfaces.

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      Pewag BLCW drawing Pewag BLCW load diagram
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      Part Code Code WLL Beam width
      V min-max U min-max S
      16.01BLCW 0.5 t BLCW 0.5 t 0,5 30-110 80 (*70) 15 270-325 305-460 95 45 7 -
      16.01BLCW 1 t BLCW 1 t 1 100-230 80 (*70) 15 425-530 380-655 120 45 12,3 -
      16.01BLCW 2 t BLCW 2 t 2 220-360 80 (*70) 15 580-675 410-735 140 45 18 -
      16.01BLCW 3 t BLCW 3 t 3 350-500 100 (*90) 16 725-835 530-900 178 64 33 -

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