Sling Shackle P-6033

Bow shackles with safety bolt.

Certification: This product can be supplied with a works certificate, 3.1 material certificate, manufacturer test certificate, EC Declaration of Conformity and all shackles from 75 t and up are supplied with a Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Certificate on proof load. For shackles 75 t and up an MPI and/or US inspection certificate can be supplied on request.

This shackle can also be delivered with fixed nut (an extra AISI 316 securing bolt is drilled through both the nut and shackle pin. This securing bolt is fastened with two sets of Nord-Lock® washers and a securing nut. These washers lock when subjected to movement and keep the nut safely in position).

  • Material: Bow and pin alloy steel, quenched and tempered
  • Marking: CE-marked
  • Temperature range: -20°C up to +200°C
  • Finish: Shackle bow painted silver, pin painted green
  • Note: for details on dimensions and tolerances please consult our CAD drawings, these are available on request
  • Safety factor: 5:1
  • Grade: 8


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