General: All rescue devices must be inspected on an annual basis – even unused devices stored for emergencies. With the Seal Pac, this regular inspection becomes easier. The MILAN is stored in a sealed metal box. An authorized inspector opens the sealed box once a year and checks the moisture indicator on the MILAN packaging and it’s perfect condition. If everything is all right, the inspector marks month and year of the next inspection, signs, and seals the metal box with a new seal. Saving costs and time with controlled safety are the essential advantage of the Seal Pac.
Operation time: 10 years.
Dimensions for 80m set: 550x350x245mm

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Part Code Size For rope length m Weight
19.19SET-SEAL-PAC-80 550x350x245 80 6,72
19.19SET-SEAL-PAC-120 592x388x409 120 6,75
19.19SET-SEAL-PAC-150 750x350x350 150 8,74
19.19SET-SEAL-PAC-250 902x495x379 250 10,64

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