CERTEX-Protect G - PU spray coatings can be used wherever cut resistance is less important than protection of the material against abrasion and moisture. In this case one is also dealing with a PU Elastomer as used in the production of protective sheaths and the coating of belts.

Advantage: Excellent flexibility whilst offering good protection against abrasion. The coating thickness “w” is of some 0,5 - 1 mm.

Typical applications: Uses are the lifting of rough objects (such as concrete pipes, marble blocks, and light plate steel loads) or the use of the belts in road construction (abrasion and moisture protection).
CERTEX-Protect G - PU spray coatings can applied singly or double sided.
Coatings can be applied to both finished belts and webbing rolls (maximum roll length 50m), which can then be sewn after the process is complete.
The application of CERTEX-Protect G - PU spray coatings is carried out by a hydraulic airless high pressure PU machine. The extraordinarily high pressures used guarantee an excellent material mix and thus an outstanding end product.


  • Material: PU Elastomer ca. 75-80 Shore A, colour transparent - opaque. Layer thickness 0,5 - 1 mm.
  • Note: This form of coating exclusively serves as mechanical protection for the material against abrasion and moisture. The spray coating is not sealed and as such not waterproof. If the material i
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