General: Low profile lifting beam for minimum head room. The table only shows a few examples of available sizes and provide an indications of dimensions, loads and weights. Other lengths and working loads can be manufactured to suit customer requirements. All beams are supplied complete with shackles according to the table. The beams can be provided with other accessories such as hooks, wire rope slings, chain slings or textile slings. Please also refer to our description in the introduction to this section on lifting beams.
Design: Lightweight welded beam construction providing good torsional stiffness.

Proof: 1,5 x WLL.

  • Material: Beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Working load limit and CE marking.
  • Finish: Yellow painted.
  • Note: Also manufactured with plates and/or excavator hooks in the ends.
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    Part Code WLL
    13.356600LB005xxx 0,5 1-6
    13.356600LB010xxx 1 1-6
    13.356600LB020xxx 2 1-6
    13.356600LB030xxx 3 1-6
    13.356600LB040xxx 4 1-6
    13.356600LB050xxx 5 1-6
    13.356600LB060xxx 6 1-6
    13.356600LB080xxx 8 1-6
    13.356600LB100xxx 10 1-6
    13.356600LB120xxx 12 1-6
    13.356600LB150xxx 15 1-6
    13.356600LB200xxx 20 1-6
    13.356600LByyyyxxx 1-6 >20 Ton
    * Specified lifting beam lengths are standard lengths, other lengths and loads upon request.
    xxx: length in 3 digits eg. 5,5m = 055 / yyyy: WLL in 4 digits eg. 55ton = 0550