Lifting Arm NEO HV


The Neo HV lifting arm, in connection with a Neo lifting magnet, is a versatile aid for handling loads from the horizontal to the vertical position and vice versa. For example, if a plate is on a pallet and you need to move it to a lathe, you must usually make use chains, clamps, and at least two workers. With a lifting arm equipped with a Neo permanent lifting magnet, you will save manpower and make the operation more efficient.

The Neo HV is a lifting arm, thanks to which, in combination with a lifting magnet, you can easily turn a workpiece from the horizontal to the vertical position. You will appreciate this when handling sheets, metal plates and round materials for lathes and horizontal machining centres.


  • Possibility to adjust the arm to a wide range of diameters and widths
  • Removable lifting arm for magnet replacement
  • Robust lifting eye
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: Material -10ºC up to +70°C, environment 0ºC up to +50°C. Beware of leaving the clamp in direct sunlight.
  • Finish: Painted.
  • Standard: EN 13155
  • Note: Only suitable for NEOLIFT and NEO HOT, which have to be ordered separately.
  • Safety factor: 3:1


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