SafetyBull mobile anchor

Experience the freedom of a mobile anchorage point. The time has come to rethink fall protection. Say goodbye to fixed anchorage points and say hello to Safety Bull – your new partner for guaranteed safety on roofs.

Having an anchorage point on wheels is a revolution in fall protection. We know that the industry has long sought a more flexible fall protection solution, and thus we are extremely proud to introduce the innovative Safety Bull. The cart is made from high quality materials that are extremely wind- and weather resistant. If an accident happens and you fall from the roof, a strong mechanic claw will be shot down in the roof. With the Safety Bull it is easy and flexible to do your job – while the safety is on point.

With the Safety Bull you get:

  • Maximum flexibility on four wheels
  • A mobile anchorage point with a 90° working area
  • An efficient workflow, with possibility to bring your tools and materials with you wherever you go
  • Control of your safety

The Safety Bull cart is available in a basic model without add-ons. To adapt the cart to your needs, we have developed a range of optional add-ons. This means that you can tailor your safety Bull to meet your needs in full.

Safetybull type codes:
- SBCART: SafetyBull basic cart (without add-ons).
- SBJBX: Job box with lock and 2 keys for storing tools and the protective equipment you need. It makes it easy to safely carry your tools around on the roof. 
- SBSBR: Side bars to keep your materials in place making it easy for you to move around, without dropping anything from the cart.
- SBMRK: Material rack for longer materials
- SBWGT: Contraweight set for use on concrete or Asphalt.

Examples of workspaces where the Safety Bull can keep you safe

  • Roofing and ventilation
  • Roof surface servicing
  • Mounting of solar cells
  • Setting up/taking down railing
  • Laying of concrete elements
  • Working at the construction phase
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 795, CEN/TS/16415
  • Warning: Only use on flat surfaces (max. angle 5°)


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