Lines feed boxes are used for the connection of the feeder cable on any random point of the system. The feeder cable, connected to line feed clamps, is kept in place by the line clamp holder that partly slides over the 2 housing parts in which up to 7 line feed clamps can be fitted. Basis of all the line feed boxes is the modular collar that is equipped with push through holes to fit various glands M32 to M63 in size. For custom configurations, you can easily add glands by removing the pre-cut sections. The line feed clamp holder (LCH) connects 2 adjacent rail housings and holds the line feed clamps at the same time. Then the line feed clamps are connected to a power cable. Cover comes over the collars and clicks into position.

Line feed boxes types LB:
Type LB40

Line feed box for connection of copper conductors up to 125A. With 1 gland M40 for cables Ø16-Ø28 mm.

Type LB63
Line feed box for connection of copper conductors up to 160A. With 1 gland M63 for cables Ø30-Ø44,5 mm.

Type LB32-4
Similar to LB63, with 4 glands M32 for cables Ø10-Ø21 mm.

Type LB32-7
Similar to LB32-4, with 7 glands M32 for cables Ø10-Ø21 mm.

Line feed clamp holders:

Applicable for line feed connections with continuous copper (all sizes), irrespective the number of poles. When mounting, the line feed clamp holder (2 halves) clamps over 2 adjacent rail housings with the line feed clamps already fitted to the copper conductors. See figure. The required line feed clamps have to be ordered separately.

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      RC LCH
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      Description Akapp no. Imax (80% DC) non-parallel (A) outer diameter feeding cable Ø
      max. number of copper conductors Imax (80% DC) parallel switched (A) IP - class excl. AS7 sealing IP - class incl. AS7 sealing
      Line feed box LB40 1xM40 1 006 900 125 16-28 4xCU125 / 7xCU80 - IP23 IP44
      Line feed box LB63 1x M63 1 006 910 160 30-44 4xCU160 / 7xCU125 250 IP23 IP44
      Line feed box LB32-4 4xM32 1 006 920 160 4x 10-21 4xCU160 - IP23 IP44
      Line feed box LB32-7 7xM32 1 006 930 173 7x 10-21 7xCU200 346 IP23 IP44
      Line feed box LB 1 006 940 no glands IP23 IP44
      Line feed clamp holder RC-LCH 2 109 050 IP23 IP44