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Bow type shackle PBSP is a high quality shackle intended for use in demanding environments.

It is supplied with a screw pin for quick and easy opening.

The shackle comply to EN 13889, AS 2741 and meets the performance requirements of US Federal Specification RR-C-271 Type IVA Class 2, Grade A.


  • Safe – All POWERTEX shackles are manufactured and tested in accordance to EN 13889
  • All bodies and screw pins marked with batch number for traceability
  • Larger sizes equipped with arrows to indicate 45 degrees to vertical
  • Raised pad for dedicated and easy individual ID (3,25 t and up)
  • The bow is forged in closed dies
  • All parts are made from alloy steel being quenched and tempered
  • All parts including screw pins and nuts are hot dip galvanized for long life
  • High quality hot dip galvanization process giving an exclusive mat grey finish
  • Screw pins are additionally painted in blue and red for quick and easy detection as  original POWERTEX parts
  • Multilanguage user manuals
  • Material: Forged alloy steel, supplied with alloy screw pin.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked, POWERTEX (PT or PTEX) , WLL, size, grade and batch number.
  • Temperature range: -20°C up to +200°C
  • Finish: All parts hot dip galvanized. Bolt additional powder painted.
  • Standard: EN 13889
  • Safety factor: 6:1
  • Grade: 6


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