General: Fall arrest block with rescue hoist, with hauling chain. This chain has the advantage that no extra bracketry is needed for mounting. Hang the block, for instance, in the top of a tripod and the chain allows safe and efficient hoisting and lowering.

Housing: aluminium.

Fall arrest indicator.

Karabiner: std small swivel snap hook.

Max. user weight: 136 kg.

  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: -30ºC to +50ºC.
  • Standard: EN 341 + EN 1496
  • Note: The winch is only for rescue. For general hoisting purposes with material loads, or with persons, winches are needed with dedicated certifications.
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Type Karabiner Max. user weight
Chain ref Weight
12 HRA-12 swivel snap hook 136 S-30 10
18 HRA-18 swivel snap hook 136 S-30 14,5
24 HRA-24 swivel snap hook 136 S-30 19
30 HRA-33 swivel snap hook 136 S-30 24
42 HRA-42 swivel snap hook 136 S-30 43
65 HRA-65 swivel snap hook 136 S-30 46

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