The Euro Fall Control Extension ladders are stronger than any other fibreglass ladders in the market, featuring a unique integrated fall protection system according to EN 353-2.

The guiding principles of the Branach Fall Control System:

  • The worker is safe from the moment they leave the ground.
  • The stability system works from the ground up.
  • Fall control system stems from the increased base of support.
  • The ladder is secured with an integrated tether system.
  • Integrated rescue by second user from the ground.
  • Allows workers to work from the ladder with both hands comfortably and safely.
  • To meet and exceed compliance and international standards.
  • Design fit for purpose, critical piece of climbing equipment.
  • Periodic inspection schedule recommended.


  • Cross Bar and Upper Pulley
  • Run Work Position Hook
  • Non-slip Rungs
  • Tether Tensioner
  • Box Rail Rung Joining System
  • Tether Rope
  • Rope Bag
  • Vertical Lifeline (configured for rescue)
  • Lower Tether Hooks
  • Level Bubble
  • Descender
  • Extra Wide TerrainMaster
  • Material: Stiles: Fibreglass ISO-PE resin with e-glass fibre. Rungs: Aluminium 6060
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 131-2-2010 + A2:2017
  • Note: Max. load rate Ladder 150 kg. Fall Control 120 kg.
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    Part Code Closed length min length
    ladder length, extended
    19.99FEU39FC 2,9 3,89 23
    19.99FEU51FC 3,5 5,09 26
    19.99FEU63FC 4,1 6,29 29
    19.99FEU75FC 4,7 7,49 35,7
    19.99FEU87FC 5,3 8,69 39