General: Safe access to shelving and high stability at an inexpensive price and with low weight.

Features and benefits:
- Treads 85 mm deep for safe standing.
- 7-point connection between tread and stile with reinforcing in the centre of the tread.
- Aluminium work platform, approx. 510 mm × 600 mm, with three-sided safety guardrail.
- Support section with horizontal stabiliser bar and wheels with locking mechanism(100mm).
- Can be folded thanks to detachable diagonal braces.
- Double-sided handrails to ensure safe use of the ladder.

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Part Code Platform height
number of treads including platform height including guardrail m overall span
width of chassis beam m Weight
40238 1,75 8 2,75 1,53 1,14 32,3
40239 1,95 9 2,95 1,62 1,4 34,8
40241 2,4 11 3,4 1,8 1,4 41,3

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