Manual geared winch capacity from 150 up to 2000 kg.

Technical characteristics:
- Encased mechanism.
- Automatic brake.
- Adjustable removable crank.
- Very robust thanks to exceptionally sturdy chassis.
- Mechanical parts protected with cataphoretic coating.
- Can be declutched only when unloaded; safety system prevents declutching when loaded.

Product Picture 1
Product Picture 2
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Type Max. cable length m Max. number of layers Required Cranck force daN Weight without cable
0,15 ME1 19 6 20 5,6
0,3 ME2 38 6 12,5 15
0,5 ME3 17 4 19 15
1 ME4 30 4 14,5 44
2 ME5 25 3 16,5 83

Download CAD

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