Vari Pump - 400V - 1 stage S

Holmatro Vari Pump units

To control your hydraulic system, Holmatro offers a various range of pump units:

  • 230V, 400V or petrol driven
  • 1 or 2 stage

Unique specifications:

  • In case of a power failure, the oil pressure is maintained
  • Protected against pressure drop by pressure-controlled non-return valve
  • Excluding single-acting (M311) or double-acting (M322 or M323) control valve
  • TIP: If you want to create flexibility for feature use; ad a Sada switch (M304) to your pump set-up
  • You want to make sure you choose the right vari-pump for your application? Download the Holmatro Vari pump configurator.

Additional information:

  • To have a safe and controlled system, assemble your vari-pump with advised components:
  • Option A: 1 cylinder application : assemble a pressure gauge directly on the pump unit
  • Option B: multiple cylinder application: add a flow panel & assembly set to your pump set-up
  • TIP: download the vari-pump configurator for more info

Why add a pressure gauge or flowpanel?

  • To measure the pressure in the system; safety first
  • Go here for the valves & accessories for Holmatro vari pumps

Also available:

  • Hydraulic cylinders 700 bar
  • Hydraulic hoses 700bar
  • System components to complete your hydraulic system
  • Other hydraulic pump units 700bar to control the cylinder(s)

To be added:

Safety sheet cylinders = PDF/Download

  • Features: - Safe; in case of a power failure, the oil pressure is maintained.
  • Note: Excluding single-acting or double-acting control valve.


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