End feed boxes are used for the connection of the feeding cable to the outer end of the Multiconductor system. All feed boxes are fitted with metric glands. It is possible to use extra glands and/or several diametre ranges from type EB40. End feed clamps are required for connection of copper conductors 125A or 160A.

End feed boxes:
Type EBS32

Compact end feed box with cable gland M32, suitable for cables Ø10-Ø21 mm. Connecting screws M6 included.
Type EB40
End feed box for with cable gland M40, suitable for cables Ø16-Ø28 mm. Connecting screws M6 included.
Type EB63
As end feed box EB40, but with cable gland M63, suitable for cables Ø30-Ø44,5 mm. Connecting screws M6 included.

End feed clamps:
Type EC160
Required for connecting copper conductors 125A or 160A to the cable lug of the connection cable. To be ordered seperately.

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      Description Akapp no. max temp. °C range of diametre feeding cable
      max. copper conductors mounted l max (80% D.C.) non-parallel(A) protection degree without AS7 protection degree with AS7
      End feed box 1xM32 EBS32 1 006 830 80 10 - 21 4xCu80 / 7xCu50 80 IP23 IP44
      End feed box 1xM40 EB40 1 006 800 80 16 - 28 4xCu125 / 7xCu80 125 IP23 IP44
      End feed box 1x63 EB63 1 006 810 80 30 - 44 4xCu160 / 7xCu80
      End feed box EB 1 006 820 80 no glands IP23 IP44
      End feed clamp EC160 1 013 010 80 160