General: Mini SRL's, to be worn on the harness.

Edge tested: no specific edge testing.

0 C to + 570 C.

Features for extra safety / comfort:

Fall impact indicator.
Swivel connector helps to prevent webbing from too much twisting.

Plastic housing results in very low weight.
Adaptable to twin leg system.
In twin combination: each block easily replaceable.

  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: - 35
  • Standard: EN 360
Product Picture 2
Product Picture 3
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Type Max. user weight
Housing Karabiner on webbing Weight block
2 3 100 422 140 plastic 2 x scaffold hook 2,6
3,3 3 100 424 140 plastic swivel snap hook 16 kN gate 1,4
6 3 100 437 140 plastic swivel snap hook 16 kN gate 1,5
2 3 100 419 140 plastic scaffold hook 1,2

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