Lanyard with shock absorber, 3M Protecta Flex version

3M, Protecta lanyard with schok absorber and elastic webbing, max. user weight 140 kg.

Life expectancy:  max. 10 years from manufacturing date.


  • Elasticated webbing* reduces lanyard length when not under tension which reduce the risk of trip and snagging hazards.
  • 140 kg. Max rating allows a greater range of users.
  • Small and compact schock absorber pack.
  • Labels fully covered for long term indentification.
  • Lightweight. Helps reduce the carry weight of your equipment.
  • Available in single-leg and twin-leg version
  • Material: Elasticated webbing, Hooks and Carabiners Steel.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Temperature range: -35°C to +57°C
  • Standard: EN 355

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