Lock SYS ABS - overhead system

Traversable lifeline systems ABS-Lock SYS II (8 mm) & IV (6 mm) for overhead installation. Overhead-mounted lifeline systems greatly reduces the risk of a swing fall. Ideal for overhead usage or on a facade. The connector between the user and the fall arrest system is kept relatively short to reduce the fall distance and the risk of sustaining injury through hitting the ground.
ABS-Lock SYS II system is based on a 8 mm stainless steel cable. This strong cable solution is particularly suitable for usage in combination with a self-retracting lifeline (SRL). ABS-Lock SYS IV system, with its 6 mm stainless steel cable, offers a lighter-weight solution to other lifeline systems. This thinner cable is also fully traversable and can be run easily around corners and obstacles. The cable glider simply follows along and glides smoothly over the intermediate supports and corner elements. Two different gliders can be used with the system. ABS-Lock SYS anchorage systems are used outside, e.g. on roofs, facades and directly under hall roofs. Lifeline system is suitable for permanent implementation in aggressive conditions, for example in the chemicals industry and incineration plants. ABS-Lock SYS - overhead system can secure up to 4 individuals simultaneously and fits in well with your building structure.    
Force directions: Lateral and axial    
Application: Overhead    
Substructure: Steel, ripped ceiling/Hollow core, trapezoidal sheeting, wood, concrete

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 795, CEN/TS/16415
  • Note: Use in combination with your personal protection equipment (PPE)


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