Update your knowledge, all year round

Want to find out more about safe liftingfall protection, or reliable securing of loads? All year round, various Mennens branches organise interesting lectures or training sessions.

Hereby the overview of upcoming sessions:

Branch Topic Location Date Time
 Dongen Safe lifting Dongen 3 Oktober 2019  13.00-16.30 
 Groningen Safe lifting Heerenveen 29 Oktober 2019  13.30-17.00 
 Amsterdam Safe lifting Amsterdam 30 Oktober 2019  13.30-17.00 
 Dongen Safe lifting Dongen 7 November 2019  13.00-16.30 
 Rotterdam Safe lifting Vlaardingen 7 November 2019  13.30-17.00 


 Amsterdam Fall protection Amsterdam 9 Oktober 2019  13.30-17.00 
 Groningen Fall protection Groningen 15 Oktober 2019  13.30-17.00 
 Hengelo Fall protection Hengelo 29 Oktober 2019  13.30-17.00 
 Dongen Fall protection Dongen 31 Oktober 2019  13.00-16.30 
 Rotterdam Fall protection Vlaardingen 14 November 2019  13.30-17.00 


Want to find out more? Contact your nearest Mennens branch.

In fact, in the field of fall protection you can also depend on the services of Safe Site. The professional company organises unique training sessions, such as laws and regulations concerning safe working at heights. Safe Site also gives you more information about their services, courses, product range, inspections, rope access, and installation. 

Discover our Safe Site info mornings!

These sessions are free of charge en take between 9.00 – 12.00 AM. We foresee lunch.

 Branch Topic Location Date Time
 Safe Site  Info-ochtend  Ablasserdam  23 Augustus 2019  9.00-12.00 
 Safe Site  Info-ochtend  Ablasserdam  27 September 2019  9.00-12.00 
 Safe Site  Info-ochtend  Ablasserdam  25 Oktober 2019  9.00-12.00 
 Safe Site  Info-ochtend  Ablasserdam  22 November 2019  9.00-12.00 
 Safe Site  Info-ochtend  Ablasserdam  20 December 2019  9.00-12.00 


Want to find out more? Contact Safe Site.