A significant proportion of work accidents can be attributed to unsafe use of lifting equipment and machinery. Lack of expertise creates danger, damage, lost time, and, therefore,...dissatisfied customers. But most importantly, of course, the employees’ safety is at stake! By taking a safe lifting course, you significantly reduce the risk of accidents. The reason being that you gain better insight into the risks and their consequences. 

The topics covered include:

  • Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act on safe lifting and hoisting.
  • Information about lifting equipment and tools, with a practical focus.
  • Film on steel cable production in general.
  • Properties of steel cables, chains, lifting straps, ropes, hoists, etc. and the need for a certificate (in relation to liability).


In addition, the new legislation within the context of European standards, safety standards and concepts will be explained:

  • Responsibility and liability for employers and employees.
  • Information about our service, certification, and inspection department.

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