Mennens, your sturdy steel cable specialist

Cranes (bridge cranes)hydraulic cylindersfall-protection systemsinox projects, etc. Mennens is at home with all brands. One very important product group is steel cables. We have extensive cable expertise, with roots going back to the Verto factories.

A luxury problem...

The fact that there are so many different types of cables doesn’t always make things easy. In addition to all the different versions, there are also significant differences in quality between the same constructions of different manufacturers. Almost a luxury problem, because not every application requires identical quality.

Don't worry: Mennens has all the necessary expertise to give you targeted advice. Choosing a high-quality cable type will serve you well in many applications because it will mean a longer lifespan for your cable and the installation. And of course, this means less downtime too. Our starting point is always the same: select the right cable type for every specific application. It certainly doesn't have to be the most expensive solution. In fact, we actually ensure a lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

Superb workmanship

In addition to custom-made cables, Mennens also supplies all kinds of terminations. In most cases, it’s about manual work, meaning superb workmanship and added value at the same time. Mennens also has all the accessories, such as blocks, cable sheaves, lubricants, cable clamps, cable socks, etc.

Some of the many options:

  • Compressing loops and thimbles
  • Hand splicing of loops and thimbles
  • Casting of sockets with synthetic resin
  • Trimming of steel cables
  • Creating winch eyes
  • Pressing of terminals

Testing and installation

At Mennens we have a lot of knowledge about steel cable testing and installation. We frequently install steel cables on straddle carriers, container cranes, overhead cranes (bridge cranes), etc. And also the rigging of old sailing ships holds no secrets for us. Another one of Mennens’ specialities is the testing of laid steel cables. This allows us to always offer targeted advice. The central theme of all this? Optimal safety and reliable operation!

Professional testing of your installation(s) and steel cables? Mennens presents you with a complete report.

How it works:

Advice: possibly a visit by a Mennens cable specialist to carry out a complete analysis.
Supply of steel cables
Installation of steel cables by a specialised Mennens team
Application of lubricants
Possible analysis of laid steel cables