General: Wire Rope & Gear Lubricant, commonly known as Bel-Ray Wire Rope & Gear Lube 12.5%, is a solvent cutback of a viscous petroleum based wire rope lubricant and protectant. Wire Rope & Gear Lubricant is formulated to offer good initial penetration to rope core to prevent rubbing wear and corrosion of the inner strands. It also provides excellent lubrication for sheaves and drums. Wire Rope & Gear Lubricant is an effective dual purpose product. The Extreme Pressure additive utilized is also a very effective rust preventive coating, making Wire Rope & Gear Lubricant a good rust preventive for stationary wire ropes such as bridge stands and other support cables. The water displacement properties of this product push water out of the rope as it penetrates and lubricates the core.

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      BRGearLubricant 20 l Bel-Ray wire rope & gear lubricant pail 16 kg.